OFRA Peptide Silk-C Serum

Why I Love It:

It leaves my skin feeling tighter and hydrated. It contains lemon extract and has the ability to clear away dark spots. It's like giving my face it's daily vitamins.

OFRA Vitamin C Cream SPF 20

Why I Love It:

It's a light weight moisturizer that makes my skin feel soft and smooth all day long without being greasy.

The Best Part: It smells delicious!

OFRA Acne Treatment Cream

Why I Love It:

It contains sulfur which is a powerful anti-bacterial agent that helps heal the skin.

The Best Part : A tiny dab dries and heals a blemish within a few hours of use.

OFRA Q10 Cream

Why I Love It:

This face cream has a beautiful and nourishing texture. Makes my skin feel young and velvety. Contains Vegetable growth hormone and Q10 is an antioxidant to fight free radicals.

The Best Part :  Any dry, flaky skin is instantly gone after one use.

OFRA Collagen Serum

Why I Love It:

It has no scent and it helps my skin feel firmer & more radiant.

Fact : Helps to improve elasticity and can be used on all skin types.

Skin that is perfectly hydrated is the key to a youthful look!

All products can be used in one of my Facial Services. Book a facial today and refresh your skin!